About Us

The original club was built in Clinton County in 1932 and named Camp Big Horn (Jerome) and used as a hunting camp only. In 1937, Jerome Sportsmen applied for and received a charter and opened a new club locally. Meetings were held in the former Hilman Coal and Coke mine building. Then the meetings were held in an old barn where the Jerome Elementary School sits today. The members set up a basketball court on the upper barn floor, which was also used for sock hops. The lower portion of the barn was used as an indoor  rifle range. The club then was moved to the old fire hall on the hill above the barn. The barn was eventually torn down. The Jerome American Legion was the last home of the club before it folded and put its remaining money in escrow. In 1944, it reorganized and applied for a second charter and continued to hold meetings at different businesses in Jerome. Finally in 1987, Anne Berzonski donated the property where the club sits today, at 3220 Jerome Hill Road off route 601. A pavilion was built first and a clubhouse was later added. The clubhouse remained in its original state until it was destroyed by fire on Sept. 16, 2010.
The Jerome Sportsmen's Association holdings currently consist of an indoor, small bore range and a 100-yard outdoor range. The indoor range has a variety of uses. It is used by the Conemaugh Township Area and North Star high school rifle teams for competition and practice during the scholastic season; Jerome Sportsmen Association's rifle team, made up of members of high school rifle team members in Somerset, Cambria, and Bedford counties for practice; and by shooters participating in Wednesday afternoon and Saturday evening small bore bench and offhand league shoots.
The Jerome Sportsmen's Association supports the communities it serves, is dedicated to outdoor pursuit and the shooting sports, and promotes firearms safety and the education of youth in hunting and shooting.